About SMARTsurg

This highly integrated, multi-disciplinary project will have a considerable impact in the chosen medical domain and beyond.

Target Groups

The primary target users for the SMARTsurg system are surgeons involved in MIS across different surgical applications. In this project, benefits of the developed concept will be demonstrated by Urologists, Cardio-vascular surgeons and Orthopaedic surgeons involved in arthroscopy.

The secondary group of users are surgeons involved in other minimally invasive surgical procedures such as colorectal surgeons, gynaecologists etc. Their current use of the da Vinci robot is limited due to unconvincing benefits over standard laparoscopy. Their interests and motivations are similar to those of surgeons involved in the project. The tertiary target group is in the field of remote handling of objects outside medical area. Results of the project will have equally important impact on nuclear field and oil and gas applications where highly dexterous tasks in difficult and dangerous environments are required. Cybernetix will engage this group of users through their collaborators and business networks. On a wider scale, the project strives to attract users engaged in tele-operation and tele-presence for space applications as another area where explorations by robots are the only option considering huge resources required for involving people.