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SMARTsurg team gathers in Marseille - 6th plenary meeting

The 6th SMARTsurg plenary meeting was held in Marseille on 10-11 July 2019.

The partners presented the status of each task and had interactive discussions to agree on the final steps of the project.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Sanja Dogramadzi. The agenda was full and covered the latest developments in terms of the SMARTsurg integration aspects, its advances and gaps.

Special attention was paid to demo prototype session and the progress of the following tasks:

  • On-the-fly 3D reconstruction of the surgical field
  • Smart glasses for R-A MIS
  • Wearable surgical system
  • Surgical Instrument prototype
  • “Clip-On” tool interchangeability System
  • Dynamic active constraints
  • Haptic feedback system
  • Integrated SMARTsurg system prototype
  • SMARTsurg use cases deployment and execution (and evaluation process)

The collaboration between the partners will continue online. The project is going through an interesting and intense final phase. Stay tuned for updates!