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The SMARTsurg project experience @ MEDICON conference 2019

With special Session 110, held on 27 September 2019 afternoon at MEDICON conference 2019 Coimbra, Portugal, the consortium of SMARTsurg H2020 EU project, presented the advancement so far to the biomedical engineering community.

Title of the session: Smart robotic assistant for minimally invasive surgery: the SMARTsurg project experience

Organizers: Sanja Dogramadzi, Elena De Momi

(Healthcare Robotics group, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Bristol, UK; Electronic Information and Bioengineering Department, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy)

Papers Presented:

  • Towards Finger Motion Tracking and Analyses for Cardiac Surgery, Mohammad Fattahi Sani, Raimondo Ascione, Sajeeva Abeywardena, Efi Psomopoulou and Sanja Dogramadzi
  • Surgeon Training with Haptic Devices for Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery: An Experimental Study, Salih Ertug Ovur, Marisa Cobanaj, Luca Vantadori, Elena De Momi and Giancarlo Ferrigno
  • Augmented Reality Toolkit for a smart Robot-Assisted MIS platform, Georgios Zampokas, Konstantinos Tsiolis, Georgia Peleka, Angeliki Topalidou-Kyniazopoulou, Ioannis Mariolis, Sotiris Malasiotis and Dimitrios Tzovaras
  • Control of a da Vinci EndoWrist surgical instrument using a novel master controller, Sajeeva Abeywardena, Efi Psomopoulou, Mohammad Fattahi Sani, Antonia Tzemanaki and Sanja Dogramadzi
  • Toward a neural-symbolic framework for automated workflow analysis in surgery, Hirenkumar Nakawala, Elena De Momi, Roberto Bianchi, Michele Catellani, Ottavio De Cobelli, Pierre Jannin, Giancarlo Ferrigno and Paolo Fiorini
  • Manipulation of a whole surgical tool within safe regions utilizing barrier artificial potentials, Theodora Kastritsi, Iason Sarantopoulos, Sotiris Stavridis, Dimitrios Papageorgiou and Zoe Doulgeri
  • Evaluation of force feedback for palpation and application of active constraints on a teleoperated system, Efi Psomopoulou, Raj Persad, Anthony Koupparis, Sajeeva Abeywardena, Mohammad Fattahi Sani, Chris Melhuish and Sanja Dogramadzi
  • A Knowledge-based Graphical Interface for Modeling Surgical Workflows in Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery, Christos Papadopoulos, Angeliki Topalidou-Kyniazopoulou, Ioannis Mariolis, Aristotelis Sideridis, Emmanuel Papacostas and Dimitrios Tzovaras
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality in Minimally Invasive Surgery, state of the art and future prospects, Michele Catellani, Giovanni Cordima, Ottavio de Cobelli, Efthymios Papasoulis, Emmanuel Papacostas, Aristotelis Sideridis, Georgia Peleka, Georgios Zampokas, Konstantinos Tsiolis, Angeliki Topalidou-Kyniazopoulou, Ioannis Mariolis, Sotiris Malasiotis and Dimitrios Tzovaras

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