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SMARTsurg 4th Plenary Meeting

The 4th plenary meeting of the SMARTsurg project was hosted by University of the West of England / Bristol Robotics Laboratory in Bristol on September 20-21, 2018.

During the meeting, the partners had the opportunity to discuss project status per WP, the status of the upcoming deliverables about the integrated SMARTsurg system prototype with all the software and hardware developed in WP4-WP6 and the deployment and testing of the developed SMARTsurg demonstrators and the preliminary versions of the following deliverables, which submitted on June 2018:

  • D6: On-the-fly 3D reconstruction of the surgical field
  • D7: Design and development of binocular smart glasses for R-A MIS applications
  • D8: Augmented reality composite view creation and visualisation
  • D9: Wearable surgical system demonstration
  • D12: “Clip-On” tool interchangeability system concept and rapid prototype
  • D14: Dynamic active constraints construction
  • D15: Dynamic active constraints enforcement
  • D16: Report on Haptic feedback system development