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SMARTsurg researchers @ CRAS2018 conference

Robotic surgery is one of the most appealing fields of modern robotics. With over 3 decades history, more than 3.800 systems installed worldwide and over 600.000 robot-assisted interventions conducted per year, the field of robotic surgery is considered well-established. Despite these impressive figures and increasing popularity in research labs all over the world, the list of technological advances that made it into the operating room (OR) during this last decade is fairly limited. Long expected techniques such as 3D reconstruction, motion compensation, virtual guidance, haptic feedback, under study in many labs all over the planet did not make their appearance into the market yet.

CRAS seeks to give a clear view on the status and recent trends of assistive surgical robotic technologies. It aims to support and propose concrete measures to accelerate research and innovation in this field. CRAS originates from efforts to collaborate among European groups to achieve a critical mass in surgical robotics. As such the workshop continue on discussions started at ERF in Lyon and at ICRA in Karlsruhe, and previous meetings at Verona and Genoa. More in particular CRAS attempts to identify the steps necessary to stimulate cooperation between research and industry, across national borders and different surgical robotic projects to take advantage of the growing attention and support for research and exploitation in this interesting and growing field.

SMARTsurg researchers have attended 8th Joint Worskhop on New Technologies for Computer/ Robot Assisted Surgery (10-11 September 2018, London UK).

EL.I.S.A.(ELectric Impedance Sensing for Surgical Applications Impedance Sensing for Surgical Applications) project received Best Paper award at CRAS 2018. EL.I.S.A.'s work is supported by SMARTsurg and ARS H2020 projects.

Sanja Dogramadzi gave a keynote speech about Surgeon-Centred Robot-Assisted MIS Design. 

Efi Psomopoulou presented 'Incision port displacement modelling verification in MIS robots

Antonia Tzemanaki presented SMARTsurg work on force estimation in surgical robotics tools using motor current measurement.

Four papers were accepted: