Design of HMD (Smart Glasses)

Optinvent engineers and delivers cutting edge wearable technology products. Optinvent’s team has developed patented technologies, extensive know-how, and manufacturing expertise to create a disruptive new category of wearable devices that opens the door to a world of possibilities.

Optinvent’s has created revolutionary head worn products called “ORA”. The ORA is a family of AR devices which integrates the patented Clear-Vu display engine for see-through wearable computing AR products.

During the first twelve month of the SmartSurg Project, Optinvent defined with the partners the requirements and specifications of the Head Mounted Display to be created for the project to support Surgeon and associate in their work.

Optinvent has already advanced on the design of the specific See-through Display that should be implemented inside the HMD device.

The next step is to finalize the whole HMD design and to launch the production of the HMD prototype. The HMD will be monocular and will be fixed either on Left or Right eye. The Display will be transparent (~50% photopic) and could adjusted in front of the user eye. The Display is a full color with HD resolution (1280x720 pixels) and will have 37deg Field of View.