SMARTsurg Overall Conceptual Architecture

SMARTsurg overall conceptual architecture work performed includes an ongoing analysis of the state-of-the-art on relevant research projects, their similarities to SMARTsurg and their conceptual architecture.

Moreover, several tele-conferences have been organised with consortium partners in order to discuss the system architecture and setting up a basic architectural concept that will be updated accordingly after the user requirements are analysed. Most functional components of the system have been identified and linked to specific tasks. A preliminary block diagram with these components and their interconnection has been designed, whereas initial correspondence between each block and the user requirements gathered by the actions has been defined. Using the results of end user requirements, use cases and application scenarios, the system specifications are extracted using the Volere methodology. The defined specifications will be used to further develop the high-level functional view of the architecture, whereas the selected use-cases will be employed for evaluating the system’s functionality on a dynamic model using SysML Activity and Sequence diagrams.